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Bernd Peter Rieck

Bernd Peter Rieck

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) | CEO | Quintessential Business GmbH
CH-6314 Unterägeri, Zug
born 1969 Bernd Peter Kaden (Mainz, Germany); 1988 Abitur - St. Katharinen Gymnasium (Oppenheim, Germany); 1988-1989 Military Service (Bundeswehr, Germany); 1989-1992 Diplom Informatiker (FH) - University of Applied Sciences (Wiesbaden, Germany); 1992-2006 Freelancer, Consultant, MCSE, MCT and CEO, Owner of SQLan GmbH (Wiesbaden, Germany); 2006 permission to move to Zug, Switzerland (before EU/EFTA) - Bernd Kaden IT Management Beratung; 2008 Marriage with Petra Rieck (assumed family name: Rieck); 2014 - today CEO, Owner of Quintessential Business GmbH (Zug, Switzerland)
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