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Rouxbe Online Culinary Training

Rouxbe offers comprehensive online training for education and food service organizations that wish to provide professional culinary education. Since 2005, over 2,000 education and hospitality organizations in 62 countries have trained tens of thousands of chefs with Rouxbe. With high definition videos, world-class instructors, peer support and interactive assignments, Rouxbe has definitely set the bar as the new standard in culinary education, providing certificate-level instruction to quality restaurants, educational and hospitality organizations.
Rouxbe Online Culinary Training

World Food Safety Organisation

The World Food Safety Organisation is a global network of partner companies and professionals committed towards a safer and healthier food supply. Through collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing, our network wants to become an invaluable resource in addressing global food safety challenges. By working together, we want to shape a future where safe, nutritious, and sustainably produced food is accessible to all, irrespective of borders.
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