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Mohamed Mahmoud Abdo

Mohamed Mahmoud Abdo

Owner | WeVidCo
✅ I am a Freelancer Web Developer and Digital Marketer. ✔️ With 18 years of experience as an IT Administrator. ✔️ I graduated from The Udacity NanoDegree Program as an Advanced Digital Marketer, and Professional Web Developer. ✔️ I am proud to serve many clients, brands, companies, and schools. Delivering work quickly, professionally, and at low prices. ✔️ I have Delivered many successful gigs, and I have got great testimonials from my clients. ✔️ I am a WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Godaddy, and Clixlo Partner. ✔️ Developing landing pages, and websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ✔️ SEO Audit
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